3D Auto – The DeLorean

Paying tribute to the legendary car – The DeLorean – the Spanish car designer Angel Guerra – on DeLorean’s 40th anniversary, redesigned the car ‘as a thank you to the 1981 vehicle’. 

He says, since this car has brought his childhood fantasy of making cars, to reality, he wanted to professionally redesign it – not just for its 40th anniversary but because this year he has become a father for the first time too. 

Guerra redesigned DeLorean DMC 12 now, five decades later, just to match the standards of this contemporary automotive world which will be his son’s generation. 

A car that fitted the best to be reborn from the past era is the DeLorean DMC 12 supercar, which can’t ever be replaced by any other cars in the regime. Getting redesigned, the most attractive feature of the DeLorean car going modern and classy at the same time – is the gull-wing doors and stainless steel body panels it has got. 

The beast of the EV supercar is here – what a huge crop! A marvelous modern electric creature, the DeLorean car, your time has come! Let’s know about this handsome car a bit more. 

As the standard features and optional features are still to be finalized by the company, discussing the features would only be an assumption. So, not talking about particular specifications, getting introduced to the look and emotions it is strung with would be great for this post.  

When time traveling has all that we have been behind, Angel Guerra created a car design for real that has been somewhere in the collective imagination of the entire youth – or maybe beyond. 

The glance of the car we have, suggests – the modern reborn of the DeLorean DMC-12 is here with smoother crops, not so doodling but beautiful flowing lines, injecting the gull-wing doors dramatically but aesthetically. While the low-slung stance has been made to stay, the entire car is bound with the LED strip lights including the beltline, and all-around replacing the rear lights and double square headlights. 

Guerra says, this project has nothing to do with the DeLorean motor company brand, but it’s a completely personal project which is a tribute to the design that actually brought him his professional and technical future of car designing. When this car has the emotional and professional investments of Guerra, we are sure this car has got the magic al’ike or better than the preceding model. As the last DeLorean car made a memorable appearance in the future films as a time machine, this new DeLorean DMC-12 will have the craze and effect on the road too. After all, he re-designed the car for his son’s generation – and a gift from the father to the entire generation will have the guts to move the idea of what a car should look like. 

Coming on turbofan wheels, in the modern DeLorean DMC-12, it seems like the wheels are increased in size and have an enhanced look than the ones which were used decades ago.

With beautiful hourglass-like curves, LED encrypted, heavier wheels, broad body, fantastically sassy look, the side unique trims, big rear diffuser, gull-winged doors, and the luxurious sneak-peek to the interior shows the already rising obsession and enthusiasm it has in the market. Surely, there are countless automotive tech-savvy fans who want to get this luxurious beast parked in their see-through garage. Well, the weight seems never-ending, but we have talks floating that this new car – DeLorean car will be unveiled shortly in 2021 or 2022 as soon as the features are listed and finalized by the company. 

We just hope Guerra’s this personal project and a gift to his son’s generation matches the glam it already has hued the market with. This new generation car is not only meant to overclock the minds of the new generation but the entire automotive fan community. All we can do is just for the beast to arrive in the fraternity and take the first foot in the market. 

Oh, and by the way, the DeLorean Pre-Order Interest Application is now welcomed for the reservation to purchase one of the low-volume DeLorean cars when it is launched. The one who has reserved the car will be given the first notification on priority before the ordering process for the general public starts. You can check the blogs to keep up with the updates.