3D Auto | Meet Elon Musk 😎 and Tesla Model S 🚘 πŸ”Œ

Tesla is responsible for the increasing selection of electrical vehicles in today’s times. However, the 2022 Tesla Model S stills remain the most compelling and most sought-after option in this advancing market segment. With an estimation of running 412 miles- depending upon the model- this Tesla Model S can be considered perfect for long drives. However, the 1020 horsepower Plaid Version is able to deliver a supercar acceleration with four adults seated inside. The Model is extremely practical, encompasses a large Cargo area along with a secondary front trunk for increased and enhanced space.Β 

In fact, the new entrants in the luxury EV Sedan like Audi e-Tron GT and Porsche Tycan challenge the new Tesla Model S. The competition is in terms of both performance and comfort. Yet, the superior technology, the semi-autonomous driving technology draws the customers to Tesla.

Want to learn more about the exciting electric-driven Tesla Model S? Let us explore more about it in detail.

What is new for the year 2022?

Last year, the Tesla Model S exhibited a styling and refreshed exterior and interior that only led to the addition of the unique yoke-style steering wheel. In addition to this, it had a 1020 horsepower Plaid performance model. But, for the Model in 2022, there can be few changes with a little price increase for the Long Range trim.

Engine and Performance

The Model S brings a full-time all-wheel drive for every version available with an electric motor for each of the axles- front, and rear. The acceleration of the different models ranges from outstanding to extremely ferocious. Tesla Model S delivers a 60 miles per hour speed from 0 in merely 2.4 seconds. It was highly entertaining and gave an immediate power delivery.Β 

The Standard Tesla Model S has proven itself to be the best and agile sports sedan with highly controlled direct steering and body motions. Now, it is the two distinct settings that enable the drivers to go for either heavy or light steering effort. The Model S ride offers good comfort, has crisp handling, and almost makes it tranquilizing on the highway.

Range and Battery Life

The Tesla floor has a battery pack that promotes a low center of gravity and distributes the weight evenly from the front to the rear. The driving range and the performance vary from model to model. However, the Long-range battery life provides up to a 412-mile range whereas the Plaid offers only 390 miles.Β 

Interior and Comfort

The Model S prices start at $90, 000, making the purchase even more reasonable with the interior of the car. The sedan offers an amicable amount of luxury and comfort, but it is not as plush as the Mercedes Benz E-class and Volvo S90. The Tesla’s Model S has a sloped roofline that cleverly hides the liftgate in the rear that leads to the huge 26 cubic foot trunk. Eight of the carry-on-sized cases were easily fit without the need to fold the rear seats. The large underfloor bin in the cargo area (rear) offsets the paltry small-item cubby throughout the interior- particularly in the back seat.Β 

Infotainment and Connectivity

If you are the one who loves Modern Minimalism, then this will make the Model S cabin more adorable. It has a giant and standard infotainment screen that offers control over all the functions’ vehicles. However, the screen positioning requires the driver to lean forward in their seat and reach certain icons- specifically the ones that are near the top right of the display screen. And, unlike others, the Model S provides a secondary display for the gauge cluster along with a little touchpad in the rear seat.Β 

Fuel Economy

Tesla Model S has an appreciable driving range. It is an impressive alternative to the vehicles that are gasoline driven when it is about long-distance usability. Even more so, the basic Long Range Model gets the highest MPGe ratings- it has 121 in the city and 112 on the highway. The recent test in the real world, 75 miles per hour highway fuel-economy test, the Previous Model S 2020 exhibited a 222-mile highway range0 against the 326 mile EPA as the estimated driver range. If you want more information about the fuel economy of the Tesla Model S, visit the EPA website.

Safety and Driver Assistance Feature

Even though the Tesla Model S is all about its safety for the partially autonomous vehicles it has reported to have been caught fire after a specific speed point. The credibility of the safety is buoyed by the crash test results as exhibited by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. However, the fires in the car are not uncommon- whether it is electric or gasoline-powered vehicles. If you are on the hunt for more about its safety information for Tesla Model S, then visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as well as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) platforms.Β 

  • Standard and automated emergency braking
  • Standard warning for lane departing
  • Adaptive Cruise control with an autonomous Driving mode

Warranty and Maintenance Charges

Above all the features, Tesla brings a comprehensive warranty package in order to safeguard the powertrain of Model S and hybrid components. However, the model lacks bumper-to-bumper coverage, and the scheduled maintenance packages are complimentary offered like the Jaguar I-Pace.

  • Limited warranty covers for 4 years or 50, 000 miles
  • Powertrain warranty covers 8 yearsΒ 
  • No complimentary scheduled maintenance


Are you wondering if this Tesla Model S is even worth every penny? Stick with the one that has the base and standard Long Range Model. It carries an estimated range of 412 miles for every charge. Even though the 1020 horsepower Plaid Model seems to be compelling to most of the buyers, the six figures ask price representing the decreasing value. This is unless you have a car that has a performance of a Top Fuel dragster. So, consider all the options and make your decision for Model S.