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The Prince is putting pen to paper to tell his “definitive” story. He also has significant power and responsibility for how other people are perceived.

It has been evident that Prince Harry and Meghan would like to share their experiences with royal life for a long time. Oprah interviewed them earlier this year in a revealing ‘tell-all interview.

It was clear that they felt they had done precisely that: spoken what they wanted before moving on to their independent lives. The monarchy’s attempts to rebuild its post-Sussex brand have been hit by a potentially devastating blow from Prince Harry’s latest announcement.

Omid Scobie, a royal author, has said that it is no longer the task of others to write about Prince Harry or Meghan. The couple can now talk and write about their own experiences as they are no longer employed members of the Royal Family. 

Scobie’s comments came after the Duke of Sussex announced the publication of his memoir. Scobie claims that the book will provide a “deeper understanding” of his childhood and life as a British monarch.

Omid Scobie, Royal correspondent, said to the podcast Royally Obsessed that this update “draws a line under what was an important story to tell.”

“I think the most significant thing that has happened since Finding Freedom was published is that Harry and Meghan now have their voices and can tell their stories when and how they like.

“As we have heard, Prince Harry will release his memoir next autumn. I’m sure that we’ll gain an even deeper understanding of certain aspects of his life that only he can.

“Writing Finding Freedom was important because it allowed me to tell stories from two people who were not able to at the time to tell their stories.

“We have reached the end of this path somehow. It is no longer the responsibility of others to attempt to record the record.

Omid Scobie has republished his bestseller Finding Freedom. It is an unofficial history of courtship and marriage and the eventual dissolution from the royal family. The updated edition, first published in August 2013, includes details about her interview with Oprah and Prince Philip’s funeral.

It was suggested that some of the couple’s friends had collaborated with the author. However, Prince Harry and Meghan distanced themselves from the book and insisted that they were not involved in its content.

The memoirs will cover Prince Harry’s childhood, his time as a prince and his life in California.

The Duke’s charity will receive proceeds from the book sales, while the memoirs will be published next year. After Meghan’s June release of “The Bank”, the couple’s second literary adventure is their memoirs.

In January 2020, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle declared that they would be leaving the royal family. They have since moved to California and signed streaming deals with Spotify and Netflix. In interviews, they have also spoken out about their experiences as royalty.

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