3D Auto – Time to Make History MCLAREN-HONDA

McLAREN HONDA MCL32 is a Formula 1 car and the other one, McLAREN-HONDA-ANDRETTI, is an IndyCar. Being amazing racing cars, both the cars are considered to be a popular choice. McLAREN HONDA MCL32 and McLAREN-HONDA-ANDRETTI come with different specifications and depending upon the preferences and requirements, one may be considered to be a better choice than the other.Β Β 

While both these cars belong to two different worlds, they certainly are worthy of being compared to each other. They have got their strong suits and have an edge over each other when compared on different parameters such as the engine, top speed, weight and tyres installed.

So, let’s take a look at the differences between F1 and IndyCar.Β 


F1: Carbon-fibre composite monocoque, incorporating driver controls and fuel cell

IndyCar: McLAREN-HONDA-ANDRETTI run a Dallara IC-12


F1: McLAREN HONDA MCL32’s horsepower is Approx 750bhp (including energy recovery)

IndyCar:Β  McLAREN-HONDA-ANDRETTI ranges between 550-700 bhp, depending on turbo boost


F1: It has a 1.6-litre, turbocharged V6 with energy recovery systemΒ 

IndyCar: McLAREN-HONDA-ANDRETTI has s 2.2-litre twin turbocharged V6

Top Speed

F1: The top speed of McLAREN HONDA MCL32 ranges between 225-230 miles per hour (362-370 km/hr)

IndyCar: McLAREN-HONDA-ANDRETTI’s top speed ranges between 235-240 miles per hour (378-386 km/ hr)

From 0 to 60 mph

F1:Β  McLAREN HONDA MCL32 goes from 0-60 in 2.1-2.7Β  seconds (depending on circuit layout)

IndyCar: Approximately 3 seconds


F1: McLAREN HONDA MCL32 weighs minimum limit of 728 kilograms/ 1604.97lbs including the driver (with an empty tank andΒ  does not include drink bottles and contents)

IndiCar: It weighs approx. 716.67 kilograms/ 1580lbs (excluding the driver, fuel, drink bottles and contents)


F1: 8-speed, semi-automatic gearbox with reverse

IndyCar: Xtrac 6-speed sequential including reverse


F1: MCL 32 runs on BP Ultimate fuel

IndyCar: McLAREN-HONDA-ANDRETTI runs on Sunoco E85R fuel (mixture of 15% gasoline with 85% ethanol)

Fuel Capacity

F1: The fuel consumption McLAREN HONDA MCL32 is 105 kg/ 231.48lbs for race distance (refuelling during the race is restricted)

IndyCar: 70 litres/ 18.5 US Gallons (refuelling during race not permitted)Β 


F1: Pirelli P-Zero- five-compound series of slicks with two-weather compounds (intermediate and full wet) and magnesium alloy wheels

IndyCar: Firestone Firehawk slicks (with wets for street or road courses)Β 


The McLAREN HONDA MCL32 (F1 car) is better when compared on the basis of Horsepower, 0-60 and Gearbox. On the other hand, McLAREN-HONDA-ANDRETTI takes the game when it comes to Engine quality and Top speed.Β 

However, the overall performance depends on various different factors and calling one of them better than the other is a subjective thing.