Justin Bieber and Tim Hortons Announced Collaboration

Justin Bieber and Tim Hortons

Justine Bieber has worked on N number of projects and collaborations. But the project he is currently working on is his DREAM COLLABORATION which is with Tim Hortons. 

Tim Hortons and Justin Bieber announced the collaboration to introduce new merchandise items and menus to the restaurants in Canada and the US that will start the limited-edition Timbiebs Timbits. 

Justin, in a statement, said – “Doing a Tim Hortons collab has always been a dream of mine.” Adding to the statement, he said – β€œI grew up on Tim Hortons, and it’s always been something close to my heart.”

It seems like the collaboration is not forced or just a business deal, but is a recipe that has perfect ingredients with the love of the chef, cooked flawlessly to enhance the flavor of the dish aesthetically with a personal touch. 

Since Justin Bieber has a poured love for Tim Hortons since infancy, his approach to the advertisement, advice for the new menu, new flavors will not be a game of mind but will be from the heart to get more out of the dessert he already is in love with since his childhood. 

The chief marketing officer for Tim Hortons, Hope Bagozzi, said – “Justin Bieber’s genuine love and engagement with Tim Hortons, and especially Timbits, makes the collaboration even more authentic.”

Bagozzi stated, β€œJustin is so fervent in how much he loves Tims,” and this zeal of his towards the brand will surely help to elate the new and existing eaters (consumers).

Bagozzi added: since Tim Hortons was founded by Canadian hockey players – Tim Hortons and Jim Charade, Hockey will always be in the DNA of Tim. But the collaboration and partnering with the celebrities like Justin will help the brand to have a completely new reach to the audience. 

Canada and the US have been quite busy coffee markets, but considering there are now competitor chains like Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks, there has been stiff competition. 

The new celebrity endorsement, which is a favorite amongst the young millennials, can give a fresh scoop of interest to Gen Z and a lift to the entire market of Tim Hortons. 

A new face on board, which is massively popular in the entire country, will be a major coup for this brand and a connection between Tim Hortons and the new generation.  

While stating to Tim’s Team, Justin shared, Timbits has been his favorite item on the menu. And it is the reason why Justin says, his journey with Chef Tallis Voakes & Tim Hortons, the Director of Culinary Innovation, has been ceaselessly palatable, and experimental with trying and combining new flavors – of Sour Cream Chocolate Chip, Chocolate White Fudge, and Birthday Cake Waffle flavors.

Wait, are you wondering when you will get the luscious taste of these luscious servings? Well, you can experience the taste on 29th November. 

Since Justin Bieber has got quite a good hold over the audience and influences the hearts of lakhs more than any hockey player does(with no offense), with this popularity of Justin –  the appeal of the chain store goes to N number of hearts and raises the price tag of the brand too. 

His appearance and his genuine review – breaking the boredom of paid ads, of what he honestly likes, and what experiments worked the best, will fetch not just new customers but will lend the real and loyal users to Tim stores. 

Justin Bieber, who is recognized worldwide, his collaboration with Tim Hortons, will be a beginning of a completely new league for the chain. 

When Justin Bieber is now on board with Tim Hortons, the company will automatically jump into the benefits of getting collaborated with a celebrity. 

This collaboration will be educational and an introduction of the brand to the people who are not aware of Tim. When people listen more about a brand from a celebrity, it will make weighted connections with new people. People who never visited will want to try the brand that their favorite star is recommending – because, the trust of people in Justin Bieber will play its card of hiking for Tim. 

Justin Bieber, as said earlier, is not only working with Tim to get paid but for his personal interest and dream too. The collaboration will be a win-win action for both. Tim will get crowdsourcing in the market that will have undeniable benefits for the brand. On the other hand, Justin will have his interest in working with Tim Hortons fulfilled. 

The introduction to the new three merchandise items will be an invite to users a few doors down from their loved celebrity and by the enhanced taste and delicious flavors of the Timbit. 

The flavors of Timbit and more details over it will be on your wall by next week. Let’s see how Justin’s fanatical love for the Tims brand and their Timbit works for Tims.