3D SUVs – General Motors Escalade

Luxury is fancied by all! And, what can be more luxurious, classy, and yet functional than an escalade range! Recently, Cadillac unveiled the new and updated Escalade. It is all updated and pioneered with the latest technologies that add a definition to the iconic SUVs.

It is the first to come with features like Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED)- a curved screen; the first to come up with AKG automotive audio system; Super Cruise driver assistance technology; and much more. These are just some highlights of what we could anticipate.Β 

Cadillac’s president says, β€œThere is something special about driving an Escalade. It has the bold presence and exclusive technology to elevate the extraordinary and make every drive feel like an occasion.” 

However, it was launched in the third quarter of the year 2021 only in North America as of now! This Cadillac Escalade is completely redesigned to enhance the dynamics with improved cargo and passenger capacitates.

Further Carlisle adds, β€œThe 2021 Escalade takes its leadership into a new era of mobility, with comprehensive upgrades that are transformative to the driving experience. It’s more than a new Escalade. It’s a new experience.”

What’s new in Escalade?

  • Industry-first curved OLED screen technology
  • Navigation with Augmented RealityΒ  and live camera views
  • Sturdy designs for exterior and interior

This 2021 Cadillac Escalade comes with an improved vision for the driver and the passenger. On the other hand, it also seeks to involve strength, endurance, durability. Escalade canΒ  be a pioneer of the perfect craftsmanship and unique appearances when it comes to Sport or Luxury car models

Industry-first curved OLED screen technology

Escalade has the Industry-first curved OLED screen technology. It offers more than 38 inches of the entire display area. Integrated with the pixel density of a 4k television. The technology is the ideal example for bold imagery, the right blacks, along having the greatest color range for an automotive display.

This system consists of three different screens- first a 7.2-inch diagonal control panel driver information center; second, a 14. Inches diagonal cluster display ( behind the steering wheel); and, third, a 16.9 inches diagonal Infotainment screen ( for your leisure activities).Β  The OLED has a width of a sheet of paper and a curvature are well-positioned for the optimal visibility of the driver.

The best part is that the visual display is positioned in a horizontal manner, or landscape orientation. It is unlike the other vertical ones used in the competitive models. Moreover, the latter always forced the vehicle users to drop their visual focus down and sometimes further from the road view.

The attractive features of the OLED screen are its absolutely stunning color and visual quality! They eliminate the common β€œhood” as in the number of typical in-vehicle screens. Thus, these OLED screens create a brighter and an organized environment.

The Escalade is loaded with other advanced and function-oriented features:

It incorporates navigation that is integrated with Augmented Reality. This uses live street views and directional overlays to improve the drivers’ direction while traveling.

Escalade offers a Surround Vision- this is a standard feature of the exterior that brings in an exterior camera and provides a bird’s eye view of about 2 megapixels of any scene that is around the vehicle.

The Escalade also comes with a Trailering Integration package. It brings about 9 camera views to support hassle-free hitching ( even the rear camera guidelines). The package is packed with the integrated trailer brake controller and an app for trailering. The trailering app envelopes feature like- trailer profiles, tire pressure, Extended Side Blind Zone Alert, and temperature monitoring.

Another additional feature that makes this escalade one of its own is the Rear Camera Mirror. This characteristic addition streams the rear-facing camera view on the mirror screen inside the vehicle conventionally.

The best addition to the vehicle is the night vision- we all know how important it has become for us to have a safe trip during nights too. This feature uses infrared technology to improve visibility during dark times and detects pedestrians on the road, even large animals. They all are projected on the center cluster display for the efficacy of the driving and the drivers’ safety.

Entertainment cannot be excluded when we have all the exclusive features. And, so the escalade comes with a rear-seat entertainment feature. This is a 12.6-inch diagonal independent display along with the navigation while streaming something on the screen. It can play videos, music, games through the different input sources- HDMI and USB. The screens are also compatible to mirror the Android smartphones. Even more so, the rear seat passenger can send suggestions or navigation links to the driver for the perfect navigation- the driver can either accept or decline.

Be seen: Escalade

The exterior design manager, Therese Pinazzo, of the Cadillac Escalade says, β€œEscalade has always made a bold statement that says you’ve arrived. We have updated that statement for a new era, adding layers of sophistication. The goal was to create a new Escalade that is unmistakable at a glance, and then rewards you with greater details on the second or even third read.”

Yes, it still maintains the vertical lightning element but it now features a new, sleek, horizontal headlamp to bring the broad and confident appeal to the Escalade. The added layers of the unique elements and the textures add more detail to the Cadillac. Escalade will offer a Sport trim for the first time and have a black mesh grille along with black trim all over the exterior.Β 

This is the symbol of the Luxury and Premium Luxury model to showcase a Galvano finish. Whereas the Platinum models with their unique interior and exterior really make the top of the range.

Escalade’s new design was actually inspired by Cadillac’s Escala concept. This design debuted the OLED screen and is proven to break new ground with the new and first time introduced Gideon Whisper Beige trim. Get the high-performance and top-class interior in your favorite Cadillac Escalade.