Arnold Schwarzenegger- The Speech That Broke the Internet


The former Governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is an Austrian-American actor, a bodybuilder, a producer, and a businessman. With a hard to pronounce Surname, Arnold’s one video in 2018 quickly took over the internet. 

He was summoned for a presentation at Power Weekend Seminar organized by a German Motivational Speaker- Jurgen Holler in 2018. His speech was empowering and intriguing to an extent that it got millions of views in a little time after uploading. 

Losing your motivation? No conceivable reason to get up in the morning? Feel that life is too hard on you? Go to YouTube and find the most motivating speech by Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Arnold’s Speech That Broke the Internet

In 2018, Arnold was asked for a speech in a seminar hosted by Jurgen Holler. In his speech, he documented all about his work since he was a young boy. He expressed about becoming the youngest-ever Mr. Universe at the mere age of 20. There was one point in his life where he was in the gym for five hours a day, worked at a construction site, attended college, and took acting classes at nighttime.

He expressed that he had found the core recipe to his own success; it is quite simple; β€œUtilize every minute of your day to relentlessly work towards your goal”.  Even when you work eight to ten hours a day and spend a few hours on your commute, you still have five to six hours to work on your larger dream. 

His speech had two broad headlines:

Shoot for Your Goal

Arnold had his vision to attain the heights of success where he stands today. He says that in order to achieve something, you need to have a vision, a goal. If you do not have a goal, do not know where to go, you just drift around and never end up anywhere. This is why 74% of Americans dislike the job they are in. Because they had no goal, and without a goal, they are aimlessly drifting as soon as they see a job opening. But when they join the work, they just work; it is not fun. It becomes a chore. So, only a quarter of people love and enjoy what they are doing in their life. 

Every day you work towards your goal, you are actually going nearer to your goals. With every step you take, you are turning your goal and vision into reality. So, visualize your goal and go after it; it becomes fun. No matter what you do in your life, you need to have a purpose. 

No Plan B: Win without failure

Schwarzenegger believes that having a Plan B does not make a person dedicated to working upon plan A. He distastes the idea of a backup plan- it is only the fear of failure that will drive you to work harder to reach the end goal. He cites an example about Michael Jordan, an NBA player who missed 9000 shots in his entire NBA career. Without the willingness to take and miss those shots, he would not have become a great player.

No Slowing Down

Schwarzenegger speaks for himself that he has not yet slowed down since he discovered his core recipe of success. Despite all the hassles and troubles he encountered, he maintained the pace and kept on! Even though he is no longer the Governor of California, he still works upon his agenda of Climate Change. Even when he is not appearing in movies, he still maintains his legendary physique by hitting the gyms without fail.