3D Auto | Mercedes AMG Hovercar πŸ’  The Concept That Will Fly You To Places 😳

Who could have imagined back in the times that there would be flying cars for real?

Well, no one, isn’t it? Several companies have come and evolved the new concepts of cars. In recent times one company that stood out with its expectations is Mercedes. With the brand new launch of the Mercedes AMG Hovercar, the car that just pulled up from the unique concept that was inspired from the Avatar movie. You all remember that, don’t you? The Avatar concept car is a perfect blend of everything – its far-off future tech, stylish, and has revolutionized the concept of car that we’ve known so far.

Director James Cameron amazed us all with the science fiction Avatar and now Mercedes has taken overΒ  the new radical concept of the car. The car debuted at the annual Consumer Electronics Show that was held last year in 2020. It features flexible body panels, a mix of sustainable features, and an electric drive system that can travel over 400 miles per charge, which is superb!

Another distinct feature the car has is the use of 33 movable surface elements that bring both function and life to the car, and further help in extending the AVTR (Advanced Vehicle Transformation) range and maximizing the aerodynamics. Not just that the car also features augmented reality games and allows passengers to enjoy an immersive virtual experience of the space adventure. Oh yes, that’s totally for real! The truth is that the car is not only impeccably designed but also creates a close relationship with the driver and the environment.

The Mercedes AMG Hovercar bears the concept of four-door and gives resemblance to the Banshee flying car that was used in the movie Avatar and is brilliantly designed to link the vehicle and the driver in a smart way. This helps in ensuring a better understanding between the drivers and the cars. All you need to do is place your hands on the glowing central controller and it automatically reads on your pulse while allowing you to access several functions.

The unbeatable technology AVTR features is a perfect blend of both virtual and augmented reality making it the most futuristic cars of all time. One good news for the parents is they can effortlessly monitor what their kids are doing back in the rear seats. So, instead of turning around to tell your kids to behave, you can monitor them from the front and keep a check on what exactly they are onto.

Impressive Features With Breathtaking Feel

One strange yet outstanding thing about this hovercar is the absence of steering wheels. And, we aren’t shocked about it! After all, it’s fully autonomous so it’s meant to assure hands-free driving. What do you think? The automotive cabin featured by the car is that one thing that will change the car experience into a mobile living room. Feels like 2050? Not just that, there are a number of fantasy features that are unlikely to roll down in the near future thus making it one-of-a-kind.

What’s even more exciting is the fact that the company is looking forward to translating more features in the production in the coming times. Wondering, what these features can be? Well, it’s hard to guess especially when you already have so much unimaginable for us. Sources depict that some features include – twin-motor all-electric drive system that can produce around 470 horsepower. Woahhh!

Do you know what’s surprising about the car? The Mercedes AMG hovercar can not only move forward and backward but also diagonally and sideways. As already mentioned, the car doesn’t have a real steering wheel in the cabin. But, instead, it features an oval-shaped controller that automatically accords up and down at the center to meet your hand. Once you set your hand on the controller it starts vibrating along with the pace of your heart and breathing rate.

In other words, it is a perfect merge of man and machine. It is really wonderful to travel in a car that physically connects with you that enhances the overall user experience. Once the car starts, a sweeping display is right in front of them with 3D graphics of Pandora. Another fascinating thing about the car is that it can detect when the family is on board and when you are driving solo.Β 

Ever since Mercedes has launched its first class cars it has never failed to impress the audiences. The company is now looking forward to getting in the long-range electric vehicle market and also has an assortment of models rolling streets in the med-decade, EQB crossover being the first for the US market. AVTR is a unique concept car that features a smart drive system. It is unusual as it features the use of graphene batteries instead of using the lithium-ion technology that is widely used in making such cars. But, that turns out to be a little expensive thing as graphene batteries require some exotic metals and cobalt which is expensive and rare yet difficult to recycle.

This supercar has transparent door shells and has an impressive interior made from recycled materials. It even uses vegan leather which has been used in several luxury cars like – Jaguar I-Pace SUV and Range Rover Evoque. The shiny wheels also glow in response to the movements of nearby things. Mercedes is taking its angle quite seriously and like any other automakers in its league, the company commits to a long-term goal of reducing the carbon footprint and ensure an environmental-friendly driving experience.

The revolutionary technology used in these cars is changing the scenario of the car industry. The Mercedes AMG hovercar launch was all we have been waiting for for so long and with this extremely impressive launch, the company is looking forward to changing the dynamics of the car world. The vision is to launch more environment-friendly vehicles that serve the technology that our future generations will look at. This groundbreaking concept is here to make this vehicle stand advanced of its time. So, if you haven’t laid your eyes on this beauty, then go check for yourself!