3D Auto – GMC Hummer EV: Crab Walk Super Electric Truck


GMC Hummer EV 2022 is all-inclusive of power, lavishing sassy looks, and high-tech features, which is surefire the feature of vehicles.Β 

Hummer truck is a Feature Loaded Truck entering the prevalent heads of trucks, Hitting The Hay!

A truck, which has turned all our imaginations into reality – in the dust of clouds! Trucks are always best for off-roading, long trips, and doing all things which cars can’t. They are the best driving partners when you want sheer comfort on long thrilling trips.Β 

And when you have this Hummer truck beast coming over on the road, bringing along all the things one could only imagine, why wouldn’t you want to buy them?Β 

So if you want to buy them, or fill your tech-savvy car knowledge, here is all that you must know about the Hummer EV.


Car looks are breathtaking! One can’t take their eyes off of the electric Hummer when you are in front of it.

Talking about the exterior of Hummer EV, elements of exterior are taken from the original military Humvee and H2.Β 

  • Front: The front gets sassy with the Driving light at the side, center long light, and the shackles down there to lift trucks from helicopters.
  • Tires: Speaking of tires, in standard, they are 35 inches. But, it can occupy 37 inches tires too.Β 
  • Cameras: To make off-road and on-road driving easy, the car is studded with cameras all around. The side mirror, tailgates, underneath the car’s body, in the front, and panel above the storage bed has a camera too.
  • Doors: The GMC Hummer EV has four doors and is a five-seater truck.Β 
  • Storage Bed & Tailgate: The storage bed is 5 feet long. The tailgate comes with a dual functionality feature. With the step panel, it has two slots for speakers as well. So, you can fit speakers and enjoy your thrilling off-roading rides.
  • One noticeably strange thing is, there are three windshields in the front.Β 


Interior has a mixed approach of being rugged, classy, premium, utilitarian, and pristine, all at ones

  • Roofs: The very interesting thing about the interior is the roof panels that can be taken off. So, when you are on road trips, you can enjoy the lap of air. But what’s more interesting is, you can store all the roof panels in the front of the car’s bonnet as a pile and put them back anytime you feel like getting them back. Smart move GMC Hummer EV!
  • Seats: The two front and three rear seats are made with two color tones, having a Hummer EV logo plated in the middle. Inside the two corner seats, there is a little compartment where you can store stuff of your choice.Β 
  • The Speaker Grill & Foot Plate: Are you thinking about what’s so special about the speaker grill & Foot Plate? It’s the topographical map of the sea of Tranquility which is on the moon that is made on those speaker grills. About the footplate, it has a footprint on it, which was found on the moon.Β 

But why are these in the Hummer EV? Maybe, by adding footprint and the map, they next want to pair the lunar lander to the Hummer and take it there on the moon!

Air Suspension:Β 

We believe the suspension of the car is one of the coolest and most noticeable things in the car. It has an adjustable air suspension, which can rise 6 inches, to give a total of 16 inches of ground clearance. Not just the half shaft rises and contrasts, but to bear the lift change, it adjusts 500 times in a second. The adjustment would depend on the road condition, weather, the turns you take, and all other driving conditions.Β 

We humans worry about adjusting even for once in a few months, and this air suspension can adjust 500 times in a second! Welldone Hummer EV!

Wait, Hummer EV has more for you. A Hummer truck comes with β€œWatts to Freedom” which allows you to drop down the suspension to 2 inches.

Tire Angles:Β 

Every tire in a Hummer Truck can turn independently.Β 

Yes, you got it very right!

The front and rear tires can turn in the same direction, OR they can take angles opposite to each other.Β 

Basically, these tire turns are called the CRAB MODE, which makes the Hummer Truck move diagonally.Β 

This is something every driver wanted when they were stuck in tight turns. See, your wish has come true!

Power & Range:

You can go 0-60 MPH in just 3 seconds. It has the power of 1000 horses and owns 1500 foot-pounds of torque. It’s massive!


The battery is located at the bottom of the frame. The Hummer EV has a double stack of batteries having 12 batteries in each layer.Β 

Only two heavy-duty wires are running from batteries, one which operates the left wheel and the other operates the right one.Β 

Plus, since batteries need to stay cool too, the electric Hummer has a metal plate below the battery panel, which can be stored with liquid to keep the batteries at the optimum temperature.Β 

The battery of the GMC Hummer EV 2022 has 200 kilowatt of energy which precisely means you can travel 350 miles in one charge. Besides, if you get an 800 volts charging station, you can get your car charged for the next 100 miles in just 10 minutes.Β 


There are two motors in the electric Hummer EV that give you more hold on the vehicle. The motors tend to operate on 400 volts.

Plus, it has a rear locker. For instance, imagine, at an off-roading site, if one tire of the car is set out and is just spinning without reason, with the help of the rear locker, you can lock that tire and have better control over the car.Β 

Driving Assistant: The Supercruise

On the steering, there is a light and camera portion that helps in the supercruise mode. For say, if you take your eyes off the road, the light would blink on the steering screen portion and say HELLO! Pay attention to the road. You have been distracted! It allows self-driving of over 200,000 miles.Β 

Screens: There are two screens – One behind the steering and another in the center, which displays – tire pressure, GPS coordinates, the roll and pitch of the truck, display of all the cameras, and more.Β 

The shipping of these GMC Hummer EV trucks will start in 2022. So get ready to welcome a new and revolutionary electric vehicle to the planet.Β