2022 GMC Canyon AT 4 Off-Road Truck

New Project

For people who want a truck with the capabilities of a full-size pick but in a mid-sized package – the 2022 GMC Canyon AT4 is a great pick-up for them. It’s a torque-rich most modest diesel variant truck that has excellent fuel economy. 2022 Canyon is a rugged, ready, and equipped power truck that serves as an optimal merger of efficiency, sustainable capability, and efficiency.Β 

2022 GMC Canyon AT4 Specifications and Features

This small truck has the capabilities to take you to the place where big work needs to be done efficiently. So, if you have an off-roading job or need a truck to tow stuff, the 2022 GMC Canyon AT4 is the pick.Β 

The Performance & Efficiency

As the 2022 GMC Canyon AT 4 is designed to take up the off-roading job and believes that adventure is yet to come your way, they have got Canyon AT4 studded with the 31β€³ Goodyear Wrangler Duratrac Tires, which will give you a smooth ride on the unstable off-roads.Β 

The Canyon’s trio of engines, the off-road suspension package, and advanced hill descent control helps to lead your path when adventure is the path you have.Β 

With a six-speed automatic and eight-speed automatic transmission, with a maximum of 308 horsepower, while getting accelerated from 0-60 mph in just 6.8 seconds, lies the capability of the 2022 GMC Canyon AT 4 truck. It is one of the trucks that make a balance between the soft and damping roads – while trying with all its potentials to mute the strikes’ feel to passengers.Β 

The Towing Capacity

Without breaking a sweat, the 2022 GMC Canyon AT 4 efficiently carries 7,600-LBS. The Canyon serves best as a midsize truck when you want to tow or haul the stuff in it. Besides, it is not as efficient as for the cabin, as the space at the rear seat is not very sufficient, but as it is named for being a truck, it takes all the responsibility of carrying the stuff.Β 

Interior & The Cargo

The Canyon’s interior design is highly functional but not lavish. It’s right for what a truck must-have. The interior’s first focus you would put up on is the upright 8” diagonal GMC infotainment soft-touch instrument panel that lets you control and access your media and navigation from the center.Β 

Talking about the space, the front seat is quite roomy, while the legroom at the rear seat is a bit limited, and is said to be not so comfortable. However, though the legroom is not as spacious as it was expected, the Canyon has a great cargo-bed space and place to carry and load stuff. And the small pockets all around let you carry small handy stuff throughout the cabin.Β Β 

To have fun on the go, you have got the Bose premium audio system to enhance the taste of your journey while shutting down the outside noise.Β 

However, to get more legroom and space in the interior, you have to choose your model between the crew, extended, or short cab types.Β Β 

Connectivity Technology

When Canyon has upgraded, the technology and the connectivity have taken a step further too. The Canyon AT4 2022 has a Bose Premium Audio System; touch screen infotainment with the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for your to access media, maps, and other settings; and the 7-speaker system too for complete better control over the digital media.Β 

To Take GMC Canyon Off-Road Performance to next level – Get the AT4 OFF-ROAD PERFORMANCE PACKAGE

When your truck will be more on off-roads, or if you are an off-roading traveler lad and want a suitable truck for that – getting the 2022 Canyon AT4 off-road performance package to have a satisfactory off-roading safer drive, get the Canyon AT4 Off-roading package.Β 

This package has much to offer – see what:

  • Performance Mid & Front Skid Plates
  • Off-Road Rocker Protection
  • Removes Front Air Dam
  • Carbon Black AT4 Logos
  • Leveling Kit for SuspensionΒ 
  • 17” Gloss Black Wheels
  • Gloss Black Performance Exhaust Tip
  • Accessory Floor Liners
  • GMC Spray-In Bedliner

Wrapping Up

Though the 2022 GMC Canyon is more classier and feature-loaded than the version earlier launched, it has still got a long way in terms of feature upgrade to go. The truck comes with all the features a towing truck must have, it has got not so comfortable seating instead which has been a disappointment to many. Apart from that, if you are after a high-tech truck that has driving assistance and owns a bit of automation as well, then this 2022 GMC Canyon AT 4 truck might not be for you. But if a truck, that can handle, tow, and haul your stuff even at the rugged and all-terrain road then this truck would serve your needs in the best way. It has an impressive performance on the off-roads and works sustainably well for you if you would want to use it for the performances.Β