The History of Top 10 Hockey Leagues

Hockey Legaue

The Canadian Hockey League (CHL) is the Major Junior Hockey Management Agency in Canada (formerly known as Tier One Junior A). The Canadian Amateur Hockey Association is its predecessor.

The Canadian Hockey League governs Major Junior Hockey in Canada. The Canadian Hockey League was established in 1975 as the Canadian Major Junior Hockey League.

It comprises three member leagues: the Ontario Hockey League (Quebec Major Junior Hockey League) and the Western Hockey League. The CHL’s 60-member teams and three leagues represent nine Canadian provinces and five American States.

The CHL schedule ends with the Memorial Cup tournament. This tournament sees the league champions and a host team play in a round-robin tournament to decide the national winner.

CHL hosts the CHL Top Prospects Game for top draft-eligible players. It also hosts the Subway Super Series, a six-game exhibition series featuring all-stars against a Russian junior team.

3D Sports – History of Top 10 Hockey Leagues

The MasterCard Memorial Cup

The championship of junior hockey in Canada is the Memorial Cup Tournament. It features the winners from (WHL, OHL, and QMJHL) and the host CHL team. Each season, the host team is chosen by bidding.

This annual sporting event attracts thousands of spectators each year and generates increased revenue for both CHL teams and the host city. MasterCard is the official sponsor.

Canadian-Italian Hockey League

The 1980s saw several brawls, including one that required police intervention and the tragic deaths of four of their players in a bus accident.

In the 1980-81 CHL season, Medicine Hat Tigers Coach Pat Ginnell had a heated exchange with a linesman in a bench-clearing fight against the Lethbridge Broncos. Ginnell was found guilty and fined $360. The WHL also suspended him for 36 games.

The Regina Pats and Calgary Wranglers were involved in a brawl that saw them fined $2250 each and their players suspended for 73 games. Later that season, Pats coach Bill LaForge was in court after he had an altercation.

CHL Top Prospects Game

CHL Top Prospects Game, sponsored by Home Hardware, is an annual event hosted by the CHL. It features 40 NHL Entry Draft eligible prospects from the Canadian Hockey League playing against each other in a game similar to an all-star match.

Each draft prospect hopes to improve their draft ranking with NHL scouts, general managers, and other attendees.

The coaches of the players are usually Bobby Orr and Don Cherry, two hockey stars. Since 1992, the event has been held every year.

The event was known as CHL All-Star Challenge from 1992 to 1995. It usually featured one of the CHL’s leagues.

Canada-Russia Super Series

Subway sponsors the Subway Super Series hosted annually by the CHL to highlight Canadian and Russian junior talent.

A Russian junior team plays six games each year in Canada against two of the CHL member leagues (WHL OHL QMJHL) OHL has never lost a single game.

CHL Import Draft

The CHL allows each team to select up to 2 international players to increase its roster every year. The picks are made in reverse order according to the teams’ standings in CHL.

The Import Draft is a way to increase the CHL competition and expand its fan base while maintaining high North American content.

Quebec Major Junior Hockey League (QMJHL)

While the QMJHL’s season was progressing as expected, the first half of the season was played. However, teams were still dealing with cases across the league. The league announced four weeks ago that it would place seven teams from red areas in Quebec in a protected bubble for ten days.

This is similar to what the NHL did for their Stanley Cup Playoffs. They went one step further and announced that they would suspend play from December 1 to January 3 because of a significant rise in cases in Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island.

Two scenarios are possible for the second half 2020-21 season. The first scenario would be that Canada’s COVID-19 numbers have dropped enough to allow travel and play to resume as normal.

Although the second scenario is more interesting than the first, it would remain the same or increase. This would create a bubble format in which there are different teams in different QMJHL cities.

Western Hockey League (WHL)

The Western Hockey League seems to have the best idea for the future season, especially for other Canadian Hockey League member leagues. The WHL has announced that they won’t begin to play until January 8 as of October 14.

The WHL will make a massive change in their 2020-21 season schedules. Each team will play only divisional games to prevent long travel and complications crossing the border.

The East Division includes the seven Saskatchewan- and Manitoba-based teams. The Central Division will also have five Alberta-based teams.

The British Columbia Division will be contested between five B.C.-based squads, and the U.S. Division will include five teams from Washington and Oregon.

Ontario Hockey League (OHL)

The Ontario Hockey League is the Canadian Hockey League’s member league that has struggled to adjust to COVID-19.

The OHL announced on October 29 that the 2020-21 seasons wouldn’t start until February 4, making them the last CHL member league to launch their season. Between today and the OHL’s start is the announcement about body-checking.

Lisa MacLeod (Ontario’s minister for sports) announced that the Ontario Hockey League would now play. However, they wouldn’t allow players to do body checks to prevent from spreading.

This announcement was met with a negative response on social media. The league is now working to begin the season they announced, despite MacLeod’s statement.


The National Hockey League is preparing for 2020-21, but other leagues are already playing or practicing. The Canadian Hockey League has been a leader in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. However, they have had their fair share of problems.

CHL hosts annual events like the Memorial Cup, U.S. History Tests, CHL Top Prospects Game, and the ADT Canada–Russia Challenge.

This helps to increase the visibility of the junior game. It also offers scholarships and bursaries to players who demonstrate extraordinary community involvement and exceptional efforts.