3D Sports – 10 Best Soccer Playing Shoes

10 Best Football Playing Shoes

Soccer is all about scoring goals and kicking a ball with your feet. Anyone who has ever kicked a Soccer properly barefoot knows what a painful experience it can be.

Here’s where the Soccer shoes step in Canada!

Although players have worn shoes since the beginning of the game, the ones you’ll see here have been worn by some of the most iconic players ever to play the sport.

They are also the most technologically advanced shoes that have helped bring the industry to its current status.

10 Best Soccer Playing Shoes

1.      Umbro Velocita VI Pro

These aren’t the Umbros of the Nineties. We love Umbro’s classic fits like the speciali eternal, with a wide sole and a solid feel. The brand is now at the top of the list with the recent release of the velocita VI pro.

They fit snugly without restricting circulation. You can go half-size up if you prefer. Umbro’s adaptive fit technology provides a cushioned grip that keeps your foot in the right place.

It also adds great comfort. The shoe’s upper is protected by a V-frame support cage. This allows your foot to breathe and helps to keep the boot in its original shape.

It feels light and thin for a boot this lightweight. The strong and sturdy sole aids in acceleration and balance. This shoe is beautiful and performs well beyond what its design promises.

2.      Puma Ultra 1.3

The ultra 1.3 takes the already light brilliance and somehow reduces the bulk. It isn’t a lightweight boot, but the sole is strong enough to aid explosive acceleration (although our acceleration isn’t “explosive”) as well as turning speed.

The 1.3 is wider than its predecessor, making it a more comfortable fit. The exterior fabric has a sticky texture that aids in close control and precise passing.

While the boot’s lightness (even with transparent panels on the sides) does not provide much protection against a tackle, you will feel the bounce from the boot’s tech and should have jumped over any defender with ease.

3.      F50 Adizero Prime

This boot has no laces. They are underneath the boot’s upper, however. Everyone would eventually realize that concealing the laces doesn’t work. But in 2004, it was revolutionary for a boot that wanted to hide its laces.

Although its supposedly primordial features would not be revolutionary, the ones under the hood would lead to the most groundbreaking boot of all time, which will be featured later in this list.

4.      Nike Phantom GT2 Elite

GT is the acronym for “generative texture,” which refers to Nike’s particular flyknit upper design. The texture was patterned and angled to provide the best grip, straight from the Nike sports research laboratory.

The research lab’s clever people have managed to do it. They’ve offered supreme control and spin when connecting with balls that could elevate any player’s game.

The boot’s surface remains frictionless, so the “all conditions control technology” ensures optimal control in both dry and wet conditions.

Flyknit’s upper also extends further up your ankle. This provides more support but still feels like you’re wearing a sock.

5.      Adidas Kaiser 5 LIGA

The Kaiser 5 shoes are a well-known choice for defenders. These shoes are no-nonsense, classic-looking, and wide-fit.

They make you feel taller than your feet. They can be put on with full-grain leather or a super-quick-dry synthetic liner and then thrown in the car.

These are lighter than they look. They have an EVA insole with a polyurethane outsole. This is sturdy enough for those tricky wingers who want to turn you inside-out until you’re on the ground and the ball on their feet.

6.      Nike Mercurial Superfly360

The new Mercurial Superfly, the latest high-cut Mercurial SuperFly, features a 360 construction that allows Flyknit technology to wrap around the entire foot finally.

This new technology hugs the foot and eliminates any gaps between the soleplate and the foot. It removes the soleplate,” claims Max Blau, Nike.

According to the company, this innovation allows the sock liner and an internal chassis to interlock, ensuring maximum responsiveness.

The 2018/19 edition of the classic boot promises an aggressive forefoot to accelerate and quick-stop heel spikes to help you get backtrack to that missed pass.

This removes the need for extra skin and protects from the elements. 360 tech and other innovations can also be found on the Mercurial Vapor 360 boot.

7.      Adidas X Speedflow+

Adidas has a strong track record in bright shoes for strikers. The Soccering prestige associated with the name “Predator” is sufficient proof.

Adidas’s reputation for lightweight speed demons continues with the X Speedflow+, which features a series of innovations geared toward quick, intense movement – ideal for the six-yard assassin.

The boot’s sole, achromatic, hyper-modern beauty is strong with a Carbitex carbon fiber insert. The studs are high-quality and help with control. And the raised toe aids in sprint speed push-off.

For such a lightweight boot, the frame is strong and provides ample space. It also keeps your foot stable for sudden turns.

A laceless textile top is a great option for precise shooting. However, it’s not as thin as some of Adidas’s best shoes.

You can adjust the fit to make it almost as snug as slippers. The padding at the back of your boot helps to support your ankle.

8.      Puma Future 2.1 (Uprising Pack)

We haven’t seen another’ Shocking Orange’ in Soccer since Paul Scholes’ accidentally pulled his shorts to one side; we haven’t seen another ‘Shocking Orange’ in Soccer.

The new Puma Future 2.1 shoes are named after Antoine Griezmann. This shoe will be a great fit for players who want a more personal fit. There is some concern about the hexagonal holes breaking, but it is as durable as regular laces.

The boot’s evoKNIT socks provide a snug and comfortable fit. They aim to improve the connection between the foot and the boot. For added traction, the shoes have a combination of conical and blade studs. It adds to the striking design.

9.      Umbro Velocita 4

The fourth-generation Velocita was designed for speed, as the name suggests. Sprint+’s new outsole supports the ‘UFO’ tagline (Unbelievably Fast Objets).

It is made from lightweight Pebax and features conical and shaped spikes that provide greater traction for faster speeds. Umbro claims the shoes were designed to mimic the natural movement of the foot.

Umbro has redesigned the inner sock to improve the fit of the ankle. Umbro’s unique tri-layer upper offers support, flexibility, balance, and support. Although the black/white/acid lime colorway isn’t for everyone, the double diamond logo gives off a retro vibe.

10. New Balance Furon 4.0

There are many new shoes on the market, but something special about shoes made from old-fashioned animal hide.

Furon’s speed-focused Furon shoe is maturing, and the fourth-generation model remains a striker-friendly boot. The leather toe box offers a better ball feel and soft touch.

Meanwhile, the directional combination of studs and kangaroo promises acceleration and traction on early/late-season pitches.

If all other shoes in this list have made a step to evolve Soccer, Furon must be the highest point in the evolution of Soccer shoes.